What Does a PRP Procedure Involve?


Platelet-rich plasma stimulates growth of skin’s collagen using your body’s own growth factors and proteins. This procedure has gained media attention, particularly when used in combination with microneedling, but is also available as an injectable treatment to patients seeking to add volume to areas of the face.

During this procedure we take a small amount of your blood to create the platelet rich plasma by separating out the red blood cells. The result is your PRP – your own supercharged serum which can be used during microneedling to deliver the active cells below the skin or injected into areas of facial hollowing.

What’s the result? Plump, youthful, glowing skin.  Improvements in skin quality, tone and texture begin to occur almost immediately and continue for the next 4 to 6 weeks. Microneedling may cause your skin to appear red or sunburned, usually lasting a day or two.  Injecting PRP may similarly cause treated areas to look swollen for a day or so.

Depending on your features and your goals, you may need a few treatments to achieve your desired level of glow.