The Best Cosmetic Skincare Treatments and Procedures for Each Decade


Everyone’s skin is different.  As I’ve recently written for my Ask The MD series with d’mai Urban Spa in Park Slope, Brooklyn, there are two main factors that cause skin to lose its luster with age, which are your genetics and environmental / lifestyle factors. So, given that combination, the best skin procedures to consider at any age will vary from person to person.

Below is a general guideline for approaching your skincare treatment plan based on each beautiful decade!

In Your 20s:

By the time you hit your mid to late twenties you should be taking an inventory of what works for your skin and how to ensure you’re making choices to prevent damage due to lifestyle (such as being in the sun without protection, smoking, drinking, getting enough sleep and indulging in poor dietary choices).

Tackle Acne and Smooth Out Old Acne Scars

When we see patients in their late twenties, we focus on treatments that help to ensure their skin is as smooth and brilliant as possible (we’re fans of helping you achieve makeup free skin!). Patients who are still battling acne blemishes can often break the cycle of breakouts with personalized chemical peels and tailored skincare choices.  Patients who have leftover stubborn acne scarring often benefit from a series of microneedling treatments to smooth out old scars and resurface the skin. Our approach is always specific to our patient’s unique skin makeup. It really helps to know you don’t have to live with acne or old acne scars! Other common concerns are hyperpigmentation and an uneven skin tone, which can benefit from a gentle laser series using our Clear + Brilliant laser, which is an effective way to address lingering blemishes from acne and sun damage while leaving your skin feeling baby soft. This is a great one for pre-event prep.

Some may also want to start to consider microinfusions of skin actives for enlarged pores or emerging fine lines. Collagen production starts to decrease in your mid-twenties, which is why you may begin to see less volume and thinner skin - the cause of wrinkles. We sometimes find that light use of ‘baby Botox’ can help to prevent deeper lines in the future.

And yes, lip fillers are a popular choice regardless of age.  The decision to pursue injectables at this age depends on the patient and their goals.  Whether or not Botox or fillers are a good idea is something we figure out together during our initial consultation.

In your 30s:

Your 30s are the time to make sure you’ve gotten serious about all the prevention you can control, because this is when it’s normal for skin to start to show fine lines and less elasticity. Your thirties are when noninvasive procedures can go a long way in helping to maintain your skin’s radiance.

The skincare treatments you choose depend greatly on your goals.

If you’re looking to resurface for texture or pigment issues:

Often we see patients who greatly benefit from a series of microneedling or peels to resurface their skin and to help achieve a smooth, gorgeous texture. This can especially be true for your skin treatment options right after summer (when there’s lingering sun damage). We offer a series of peels that range light to deeper and more intense, such as a Cosmelan Peel that can really tackle stubborn, deeper hyperpigmentation and reduce an uneven skin tone.

If you’re looking to target your fine lines:

We often approach patients’ concerns with a less is more philosophy: that is, how can we best treat your concerns while maintaining your natural unique beauty. This is where fillers and microinfusions can help to restore loss of volume or elasticity. Fillers and microinfusions come in a variety of forms depending on your needs, and can also include PRP and nanofat infusions comprised of your body’s own growth factors, which allow for your skin to boost its volume using your own biology.

If you’re looking to plump or sculpt:

Your 30s are when the contours of your face also start to subtly change, which is where Dr. Jeanniton’s expertise in cosmetic facial injectables and fillers allows her to help patients restore volume.  Or in the case of a double chin, reduce excess volume with a Kybella treatment, which will keep the shape of your face youthfully balanced.

In your 40s, Your 50s, Your 60s, Your 70s, and Every Other Beautiful Decade:

Between hormonal changes, genetics and lifestyle stressors, skin may dull in complexion and become less elastic as you enter your 40s. This doesn’t have to be the case. As we age, skincare treatments become even more personalized with procedures aimed at improving both the changes on the skin level as well as the shifts occurring deep to the skin surface.

Procedures like microneedling and chemical peels used for a radiant complexion on younger skin can still effectively resurface just as well at this age.  Botox softens the wrinkles and furrows formed by repetitive muscle movements. For restoring volume and combatting sagging skin, injectable fillers and thread lifts are nuanced procedures that can lift, rejuvenate and recontour the face.

Your 40s and beyond are also when you may want to start thinking about surgical eyelid solutions to maintain the shape of your eyes (which tend to show aging changes first). If you’re finding it difficult to wear eye shadow or eyeliner because loose, sagging eyelid skin is getting in the way, a blepharoplasty may be the answer. This is a procedure that keep the eyes looking refreshed without altering their unique character.

The most important thing at any age is that you’re approaching your treatment options from a place of empowerment and realistic expectations. Remember, age is a beautiful thing. Our goal at Brooklyn Face & Eye is to make sure you’re always putting your best face forward.

chaneve jeanniton