Surface to Surgery. We focus on comprehensive solutions and work with clients on an ongoing basis to approach your facial rejuvenation so all of your cosmetic and surgical needs are addressed cohesively. As a board certified oculofacial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeanniton is able to offer highly specialized procedures for a range of aging concerns.


Eyelid Lift

Directed at tightening or removing excess skin around the eyes for a smoother, more youthful appearance.


Double Eyelid Refinement

Also called Asian eyelid surgery, for patients seeking to create a more defined crease in the eyelid.



Another way of saying ‘eyelid lift’ to treat hooding, sagging skin and eye bags from the upper and lower lids.


Brow Lift

Restore brows to their natural position by correcting drooping and furrowed eyebrows.


Ptosis Repair

A specialized oculoplastic procedure to lift droopy eyelids and correct any obstructions to vision.


Fat Grafting

Enhances facial volume by transfer of one’s own fat to hollowed areas of the face.


Midface Lift

Restores smooth, youthful facial contours by returning sagging cheeks to their natural position.

Scar Revision

Minimize the latent signs of suboptimal healing from injury or trauma.

Growth Removal

To leave you with smooth, healthy skin, unmarred by skin tags, moles, and other unwanted skin growths.