Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dr Jeanniton’s medical training?

Dr. Jeanniton has completed 10 years of medical and surgical training. She completed 4 years of medical school and 6 years of post-graduate training which included an advanced fellowship in oculofacial plastic surgery. Her training encompasses the most modern techniques of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, which she continues to focus on, while also expanding her private practice to include emerging advanced treatments for all areas of the face.

Where does Dr. Jeanniton perform procedures?

Dr. Jeanniton performs small procedures, such as Botox, fillers, removal of growths and skin cancer ("Mohs") reconstruction, in her office using local anesthesia. For procedures that require sedation, Dr. Jeanniton will arrange for your procedure at a local accredited surgery center or a hospital.

What kind of recovery time should I expect?

Recovery time depends on the procedure you elect to undergo. For most noninvasive procedures, including our Clear + Brilliant treatments, Botox or filler injections, there is little to no recovery time. The recovery time for surgical procedures is highly dependent on the procedure and will be fully discussed in advance of your surgery.

How does Dr. Jeanniton help me to decide what treatment is best for my desired results?

Dr. Jeanniton's philosophy is based on the principles of natural beauty. Her recommendations often encourage patients to pursue combination treatments that help to establish their most natural, youthful appearance while maintaining their individual character. She is uniquely suited to offer a range of surgical procedures, and has a distinctive focus on the area the eyes (eyelids, eyebrows), which allows her to provide extensive options for patients who seek subtle rejuvenation for delicate facial areas.

What should I do after a procedure to ensure that the results last?

Dr. Jeanniton provides all patients with guidance as to how to protect their post-treatment skin and face. It is always recommended that you wear sunscreen to protect your personal investment and to avoid accelerating signs of aging. She also offers a customized skincare plan that includes options for medical grade products.